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Fly Africa World > Travel Preparation > Special Needs > Customers with Disabilities

Customers with Disabilities

AWA will ensure that customers with disabilities enjoy their flight with us. We provide assistance to customers with special needs during the
reservations process, checking-in, in-flight and upon reaching their destination. Information can be found by calling our representatives at our ticket offices or at the airport.

AWA will NOT:

  1. AWA is not insured, permitted or equipped to hand carry any passenger that is unable to assist themselves on board an AWA aircraft, even if they are able to walk but need a trained and accredited bearer. THIS IS CODED WCHC OR WCHS passenger.
  2. AWA is not equipped to transport medical oxygen or other hazardous materials and/or contained gas either in the passenger cabin or as cargo or baggage.
  3. AWA is not equipped to transport customers who require stretchers, incubators, respirators, or other devices that may rely on aircraft power supply.

We will ensure provision of the following:

  1. Transport of customers with disabilities of any kind unless there is a specific safety-related regulation that requires us not to do so.
  2. Transport of wheelchairs and other assistance devices for personal use at no charge. We also offer enplaning and deplaning. Attention should be brought to our representatives of the persons’ condition upon ticket purchase.
  3. Pre-boarding to find a suitable seat. Customers with disabilities are NOT allowed to sit at the emergency exit rows.
  4. Receipt of checked wheelchair or other assistance device upon disembarking or at baggage claim.

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