Customer Service

Our online booking platform gives you access to make a reservation and pay at any zenith bank nationwide, sales offices company-wide and MOMO at our call center. Alternatively, you can make a reservation either by calling our call center toll-free line 0800 200 200 or hotline number 024 243 8888.

Retrieve the booking by entering the “last name” and “confirmation number” in the “Manage My Booking” tab and then you can proceed with modification.

Kindly note: Payment has to be made before you can make any changes to your flight.
Please send a request via email to if you find difficulties in modifying your ticket online.

For any correction you can send request to

Please note: that tickets are not transferable and as such names cannot be changed on a ticket.

For items lost on board or the sales/check-in counters, please report immediately to the airport you flew into and fill the appropriate forms for this to be investigated or send an email to Please report all missing or delayed luggage immediately for the appropriate action to be taken.

Please report any cases of missing, delayed or damaged luggage, and in writing immediately to Africa World Airlines staff at the airport you flew into or send an email to Please keep your luggage claim tag for this purpose and be ready to produce this upon request.

Whilst we will make every attempt to ensure your baggage is handled with care, you should know that Africa World Airlines’ liability for loss of, delay or damage to baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges paid.

The extent of airline liability is not based on the value of the bag or its content. Africa World Airlines does not accept liability for fragile, valuable, perishable articles, handles, zippers or baggage, which is packed in damaged or unsuitable containers.

Under the Conditions of Carriage, we accept no liability for the loss of jewelry, other valuables and money contained in checked baggage. You are advised to keep valuables, important documents and money either on your person or in your hand baggage.

Kindly download and fill out the Property Irregularity Report(PIR) PIR form

Passengers should send all claims for baggage irregularities to: for vetting and processing.

All passengers are permitted up to 23kg of checked baggage for domestic flights and 23kg for regional flights, as well as 1 piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 5kg plus a handbag/laptop bag. Extra luggage is available for GHC12 per kg on all domestic flights and US$4 per kilo on Accra-Lagos routes and US$5 on Accra-Abuja routes. This has been made necessary by market economic dynamics.

Please note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Dangerous Goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board the aircraft. They are also known as restricted articles, hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Such items may not be permitted on board and we advise you refer to the Dangerous Goods sections of our Terms and Conditions of Carriage for further details or seek clarification by sending an email to before arriving at the airport

We do have any social limitations on expectant mothers travelling between 0- 8 weeks and after 28 weeks of pregnancy. For pregnancies beyond 28 weeks and up to 34 weeks, a doctor’s report stating that the expect mother is able to travel without any complications will be required. However, travel will be denied after the end of the 34th week and beyond.

A baby must be at least 14 days old before being accepted on a Africa World Airlines flight. Infants (babies less than 2 years will be lapped by the accompanying parent with the aid of an extended seat belt.

Check-in for all passengers’ starts from 2 hours to scheduled departure time and ends 40 minutes to the departure time. Customers who are unable to check-in within the stipulated time could be denied boarding. A valid national photo ID card will be required for check-in. Foreign residents will be required to produce their passports as a form of identification for domestic flights. For regional flights, a passport is required with a valid visa where applicable.

Africa World Airlines investigates and resolves all customer complaints with a high sense of urgency. If you are not satisfied with our service, please send a mail to, stating specific details of the issue.

Africa World Airlines provides wheelchair to any customer who may need such assistance. This request must however be made at the point of reservation so this will be arranged for in advance.

Need to send critical items within the country but can’t travel yourself?

As part of our unwavering commitment to ensure vital connectivity for all the communities under our care, Africa World Airlines is delighted to introduce our airport-to-airport courier service, available across all domestic destinations.

Starting at an affordable rate of just GHS 140, with an additional charge of GHS 34 per Kg, we facilitate the swift transport of your documents or small parcels between key cities: Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, and Tamale, all within a mere hour.

To utilize this service, kindly drop off your package at any of the AWA airport offices located at domestic terminals. Please note that all packages will undergo mandatory security checks before being accepted for transport, and certain restricted items will not be eligible for shipping.

For further details regarding our courier services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Your essential items are our priority.

Did you know your ticket is still valid one year from the date of travel?

Fill out and submit your refund request form. Refund requests will be reviewed and processed in accordance with applicable fare restrictions and penalties.

Please Note:

  • Refunds will be paid via the payment mode selected on the form.
  • Card payments shall be refunded via card reversals only.
  • Cheque, Bank Transfer and Mobile Money refunds take 7 – 21 working days
  • Card reversals take 7 – 21 working days.
  • All additional inquiries should be directed to

Click to fill out form: Refund Request form

Africa World Airlines offers charter services on all our routes for customers.

Please send a mail to for charter services

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