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ADM Policy

1.0 Definition of Terms

ADM Agency Debit Memo; document sent to a receiving agency with the aim of recovering unreported revenue from that agency.

ACM Agency Credit Memo; document sent to a receiving agency with the aim of giving credit which is due to that receiving agency.

IATA International Air Transport Association

2.0 Agency Debit Memo (ADM) POLICY

In accordance with the IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual) AWA has developed this Revenue Recovery Policy relating to Reservations and Fare Audits and the applicable procedures for communicating, disputing and settling Agency Debit Memos (ADM’s).

The airline performs Revenue Audit checks on all revenue documents issued, refunded, reissued and revalidated. It is important for the agents to take note that all resolutions agreed by the Passengers Agency Conference will be applied in this regards.

3.0 ADM Issuance

AWA will issue an ADM for any differences that are revealed during an audit between the applicable fare and the fare collected and remitted by the agent.

The minimum ADM value is USD 5.00 or equivalence in the local currency with an exception to taxes. The ADM for tax differences will be recovered in full amount if variation in the tax values are detected. In case of persistent practice of under collection (multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than USD 5.00 or equivalent) by the same agent, AWA reserves the right to recover these underpayments. More than one ADM in relation to the same original ticket can be raised if different, unrelated charges apply.

Grouping of multiple tickets on one ADM can be allowed under conditions that the audit reasons are the same for all grouped tickets and all tickets are issued by the same agent.

4.0 ADM Administrative Fee

AWA may charge an ADM administrative fee on all ADMs issued after 1st January 2019 to compensate for its efforts involved in the fare audit process. The value of this fee will be USD 10 or equivalent on international sectors and USD 5 or equivalent for purely domestic sectors flown by the airline.

5.0 ADM Settlement

Agency Debit Memos are to be settled via My ARC if sent within nine months after final travel date. Beyond that date payment settlement are to be handled directly between the airline and the agency.

6.0 ADM Dispute Handling

Agents can dispute proposed ADMs within 15 days directly via My ARC if they have a valid reason. AWA will handle all disputes within the 60 day time frame as specified in the resolution. Where AWA is not satisfied with an agent’s reason for the dispute it will reject the same with appropriate justification.

7.0 ADM Reasons

Issuing of an ADM is not limited only to the following reasons;
a) Incorrect fare value leading to under payment
b) Incorrect application, calculation and collection of Taxes/Fees/Charges and Surcharges
c) Missing Taxes/Fees/Charges and Surcharges
d) Already used Taxes/Fees/Charges and Surcharges refunded by mistake
e) Commissions & Discounts violations
f) Rebooking fees, recalculation of Re-issue / Rerouting
g) Incorrect calculation of refund amount, taxes/fees/charges and surcharges
h) Incorrect application of cancellation penalty, refund charges and commission amount
i) Refund after document period expired
j) Missing or incorrect rebooking fee

All refund requests of expired documents will require prior approval from AWA. The following violation of booking policies will attracts penalty charges

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