Senior Management

Josephine Esinam Ahadjie

Ag Head, GRH

Josephine Esinam Ahadjie (Ms) joined AWA on the 01st of March 2011 as a member of the start-up team. Her experience in the aviation industry spans over 23 years. She joined Ghana Airways as a junior cabin crew and quickly rose through the ranks to become a purser. She was recruited as one of the pioneering cabin crew for Ghana International Airlines. She trained as a cabin crew on the DC9, DC10, B767, B757 and the Embraer 145.

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She had attestations as a cabin crew from Iceland Air and Astreaus Airlines, UK. She has a cabin crew license from the federal Aviation Authority, USA. She worked with AVIANCE Ghana as a Customer Service executive and was assigned to Egypt Air. She served as the Manager of Cabin Services and has GCAA certification as a Crew Resource Management instructor and Cabin Crew instructor. Josephine has been appointed the Acting Head of Ground Handling. She is also a trainer for Grooming and Customer Service.

Ms. Ahadjie is a product of Tema Secondary School and a graduate of University of Ghana where she studied BSc Administration (Marketing & Customer Management). She holds an IATA certificate as an International Travel Consultant and an IATA diploma in Safety Management Systems.

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Christabel Othelia Amegayibor

Head of Human Resource

Christabel Othelia Amegayibor (Mrs) joined AWA on 11th July, 2011 as the Head, Human Resource of Africa World Airlines. In addition, she has oversight roles on IT, Service Quality, Brand Image and Corporate Communication. With over 21 years’ working experience, 17 of which are with the Airline Industry, she is a valuable member of the AWA Management Team.

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She was a member of the AWA start-up team that built the airline from scratch. She was also the board secretary of AWA from January 2013 to July 2019. Her previous jobs were with Virgin Nigeria Airways, Ghana Airways and Trafalgar House Construction International Limited.

Currently she serves on the boards of HAINAN-AWA Foundation, GIMPA ALUMNI and Image Consortium Group of Companies. Mrs. Amegayibor holds MBA (Human Resource option) from GIMPA Graduate School, Accra, BA (English and French) concurrently with Diploma (Education) from University of Cape Coast. She is an affiliate of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD-UK) and a member of Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP-GH).

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Adedayo Olawuyi

Head of Commercial

Adedayo joined AWA in June 2018 as Network Planning Manager with 14 years’ experience in the Airline Industry serving in various capacities and rising through the ranks mostly in the Commercial Department.

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Prior to joining AWA, he was the Head, Business Intelligence and Strategy with EAN Aviation Limited, Lagos; a multi-million dollar Fixed Based Operator (FBO) for Private Jets and Helicopter Services in Nigeria. Before then, He was with Virgin Nigeria where he worked for over 6 years and left as Manager, Commercial Planning & Strategy.
Aside numerous professional qualifications, Adedayo holds Executive MSc Degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, UK and BSc (Hon) Degree in Mathematics from University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
Ade is an inspirational leader with deep-rooted vision and sound strategy for business development. He intuitively sees through threads of opportunities and is a go-getter in achieving business successes.

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Capt. Victor Elcis Aryeetey

Head of Safety

Capt. Victor Elcis Aryeetey, an Embraer 145 line captain joined Africa World Airlines soon after the company commenced its commercial operations in October 2012. He had worked as an airline pilot in the defunct Ghana Airways from 1983 till 2005 when the company folded up. He travelled abroad and worked with quite a number of airlines.

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In South Africa with Executive Aerospace Airlines and Global Aviation Ltd and also in Nigeria with Fresh Airlines and Virgin/Nigeria Airways for quite a number of years before joining AWA in 2012.

He is aviation Safety Expert and is currently the Head of Safety for AWA. He has flown the FOKKER 28, DOUGLAS DC9, D10, and BOEING 737 aircrafts and currently active on the Embraer 145. He has an airplane pilot career spanning over 34 years and had clocked over 15,000 flying hours.

He has specialty in IATA, ICAO, IOSA Safety Management System (SMS), Aircraft Accident Investigation, Safety Risk Management (Civil Aviation), Safety Auditing and Emergency Response Planning and Management. He is also the Emergency Response Planning and Management director for AWA.

A KNUST Physics graduate, Captain Victor Elcis Aryeetey worked as a Physics tutor at Achimota School between 1979-1981 before commencing his aviation career first as a pilot- cadet at the Oxford Air Training School, Kidlinghton –Oxford England (UK) in 1981.

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Robert Basvi

Head of Quality

Robert is an Aviator with many years of experience in the Industry, which began way back in 1990 when I trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He has a passion for leadership and Organizational Quality. Robert was born in Nyanga which is the Eastern mountainous and picturesque region of Zimbabwe.

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His family moved from Nyanga to the Capital Harare when he was only three. After he completed his Advanced Level School Certificate, he briefly taught Science at his former High School before joining a Commercial bank. He worked with the National Airline as Aircraft Engineering Apprenticeship.

Robert have worked with airlines consulting for them to improve their QMS to meet industry standards. He had his hay days during his time in the Hangar and Line Maintenance. A year or two after qualifying as an AME he took part in a D check on a Boeing 707 aircraft which was a Presidential plane.

He also served for a number of years in various positions, as a leader of the Zimbabwe National Association of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Even after leaving leadership of the Association, he proposed a setting up of an Aeronautical Engineering Degree Program at the University of Zimbabwe, chaired the Committee that spearheaded the proposal and the degree opened its doors to the first students in 2017.

Robert explores the full package of all the things he has a passion for which include Music, Entrepreneurship, writing and motivating young people. He is married to Evelyn (A Human Resources Practitioner by profession) and together they have three daughters. He is a people person and is inspired by engaging with people, imparting, and obtaining value from others. Robert believes in continual improvement starting from a personal level going up. Robert believes in continual learning, because once one stops learning, one ceases to offer value.

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Capt. Francis Kudjawu

Chief Pilot

Capt. Francis Kudjawu is a proud alumnus of St Augustine’s College, Cape Coast. He furthered his education in Georgia, USA, where he obtained his Commercial Pilot License. He proceeded to the United Kingdom, to acquire his Civil Aviation Authority Air Transport Pilots License. Francis joined Ghana Airways where he flew for 12 years before the Airline became defunct. He continued his career in the Middle East, flew for 7 years before joining AWA in June 2014.

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Francis also served as the Vice President for the International Federation of Airline Pilots (West Africa) from 2000 to 2006. Shortly after joining AWA, he was appointed the Flight Standard and Training Officer a position he held for over 2 years before being appointed to his current position as the Chief Pilot.

Francis has type training on DC 9, DC 10, SAAB Francis has type training on DC 9, DC 10, SAAB 340, A320 and ERJ 145. He has an accumulated flying experience of 25 years.

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Capt. Ivan Ayeh Nartey

Head of Flight Operations

Capt. Ivan Ayeh Nartey was appointed Head, Flight Operations on 1st September, 2016 having previously been engaged as Chief Pilot for Africa World Airlines. He has been a management pilot for Africa World Airlines for the past 6 years in his 17years career as a pilot. He also holds the position as E145 TRI (Type-rating Instructor) & TRE (Type-rating Examiner).

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It is worth mentioning that Capt. Nartey was a key member of the start-up team of AWA and one of the key members who worked towards achieving IOSA certification for AWA. He has ratings on B757/767, DC9/MD 80, and EMB135/145. Prior to joining AWA, he was with Ghana International Airlines, Global Aviation Operations Ltd- South Africa and Ghana Airways.

Capt. Ivan Nartey trained at the Oxford Aviation Training School (OATS, UK) from where he obtained his initial CPL/ATPL with MCC License, and holds a BSc (Hons) in Geodetic Engineering from KNUST. He is also a product of Achimota School, Accra.

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Moses Othniel-Moses

Head of Security

Moses Othniel-Moses was tasked to identify some key experts to set up Africa World Airlines when the idea was mooted by Togbe Afede XIV in October, 2010. After this had been successfully achieved, he was later appointed as the Head of Ground Operations and Aviation Security on 1st December, 2010, a role which was later decoupled as Ground Handling and Aviation Security Departments due to industry requirements.

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He was later appointed as the Director of Aviation Security due to his extensive knowledge in advance intelligence and security operations as well as Aviation Security Management from NACOB and Ghana International Airlines respectively. In August, 2015, when the company could not resist the expansion plotted by the business plan, management re-assigned him to the Ground Operations Department when a vacuum was created by his predecessor. He is responsible for the management and operations of all domestic (ACC, KMS, TML and TKD) and international stations (LOS). He is a member of the team that led the company to attain its IOSA certification.

Due to his multi-talents and innovative ideas, he has successfully managed the GRH department with great technological and innovative management solutions resulting in substantial cost-savings to company. He is also credited with AWA domestic travel insurance that will take care of all passenger claims. This is expected to take effect very soon.

When another vacuum was created in charter contracts/tendering, he was again assigned that responsibility in September, 2015, and together with a team, they successfully sealed and operationalized two high-value charter deals with SUBSEA7 and TECHNIP and successfully negotiated extension of those contracts. He is still actively working to secure more Oil and Gas Producers’ (OGP) charter contracts.
He has led his ground operations team to successfully manage all high-profile charters for heads of governments or their representatives such the Presidents of Ghana and Liberia, The Governor–General of Canada, The Prince of Wessex (UK) and an Israeli Foreign Minister among others. He is so restless for AWA’s success that he lives by an adopted slogan which says, “if there’s any door that cannot be opened by us, then that door does not exist”. He is a go-getter, very resourceful, an astute communicator, an intelligent negotiator with smart innovative ideas.

Moses Othniel-Moses currently holds IATA certifications in Aviation Security Management as well as Ground Operations Management. He also holds a Master of Arts in Communications, Media Studies and Public Relations from the University of LEICESTER, UK. He is an affiliate member of the Institute of Public Relations (IPR), Ghana and a member of the Ghana Journalists’ Association (GJA).

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Benjamin Oti

Head of Engineering

Mr. Benjamin Oti has been the Head of Engineering, Africa World Airlines from April, 2011 to date and was a member of the start-up team that established the Engineering Department prior to commencing operations. He has over 24 years’ Airline Engineering experience. Prior to joining Africa World Airlines, he worked with Ghana International Airlines, Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, United Airlines, Indianapolis, Tower Airlines, JFK, New York.

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Mr. Benjamin Oti holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from College of Aeronautic, La Guardia Airport. He has Licenses and Certification in the following: Airframe & Powerplant License (F.A.A), General Radiotelephone Operators License (F.C.C.), Theory Mechanical B1 & Avionics B2 Boeing 767-200/300 (U.K. C. A. A.), ERJ -145 B1 & B2 – Engine Run-Up.

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Gwillym Odartei Lamptey

Ag. Cabin Services Manager

Gwillym Odartei Lamptey has over 13 years’ experience in the industry and over 3 years in the role of a Cabin Trainer. From 2006 to 2010, Gwillym worked with Ghana International Airlines as a Cabin Crew Member. In 2011, he moved on to Aero Surveys limited as a purser where he performed Cabin crew duties and all other inflight services with aircraft type rating on BAe 146.

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Gwillym joined Africa World Airlines in 2014 as an Internal auditor and Cabin trainer. In this role he performed operational audits in the cabin services department and also ensured that the airline maintained a near excellent conformance report based on IOSA standards. He organized cabin crew online trainings for new cabin crew and also for crew who require requalification to fly.

As well as cabin crew duties and all other inflight services with aircraft type rating on EMB 145. Gwillym handled supervisory responsibilities in the cabin as senior cabin crew 1 and by extension as cabin trainer. His good work ethic and hard work has earned Gwillym the appointment of Acting Cabin Services Manager.

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