Ground Handling Supervisor - Job details

Postition Summary
This is first-line supervisory and administrative work of more than average difficulty coordinating day-to-day operational duties and details required to operate the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport/Industrial Airpark and Downtown Heliport in a safe and secure manner.

Under general supervision, the employee plans, coordinates, directs, and evaluates the work of operational support personnel engaged in
regular planned projects, airfield, ramp and hangar inspections, emergency activities and preventative maintenance to ensure a safe and
efficient operation of the Airport and Heliport on a 24 hour per day 7 day a week basis. The employee is responsible for the training,
supervision, an evaluation of performance of operations support personnel and actively participates in the hiring process for these positions.

Duties require a strong knowledge of aeronautics, aircraft flight principles, practices of aviation and airport management, regulations set by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), US Customs, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and the application of those standards. An employee in this class exercises considerable initiative and independent judgment. Assignments are received from senior Airport management personnel in oral or written form. Work is evaluated through
conferences, direct observation and through results achieved.

Essential Job functions
Plans, coordinates, directs, supervises, trains, evaluates and monitors the work of Airport operations personnel engaged in airfield, ramp and hangar inspections, emergency activities, preventative maintenance and planned projects.

Meet daily with operations personnel and contracted security personnel to brief and debrief them regarding daily events, scheduled maintenance, construction projects, operating procedures, training, and special events.

Acts as the primary contact for Airport management with tenants, FAA Air Traffic Control, Police, Fire, US Customs, contractors, engineering inspectors, Department of Natural Resource Protection (DNRP), Florida Power and Light, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission and other government agencies and City departments.

How to apply
Interested applicants should send all their CVs to hradmin@flyafricaworld.com

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