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(Updated Friday, 19th May 2023; 15:23pm)


GHANA (Accra) (Updated May 19th, 2023; 15:23 pm)

Updated Covid-19 Guidelines for Kotoka International Airport (KIA)
Revision 20: Effective Date: 20th May 2023 at 00:00 hours (UTC)

  1. Based on the COVID-19 risk assessment in Ghana and global trends, the Government of Ghana has lifted existing COVID-19 travel restrictions for all arriving passengers in Ghana.
  2. Departing passengers will have to meet the COVID-19 protocol requirements of the destination country.
  3. General health safety measures like hand disinfection and wearing of nose masks are recommended in all Airport Terminals and ancillary buildings for passengers’ safety.

NIGERIA (Lagos and Abuja) (Updated 13th December 2022; 11:52 am)

Revised COVID-19/ public health guidelines for all aviation service providers (domestic and international operations)


The prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria and most parts of the world has remained at a low level for a sustained period. The Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19 (PSC) has therefore revised the COVID-19/ Public Health guidelines as follows:

(A) Domestic Operations:

  1. Mask Mandate:
  2. The wearing of facemasks inside Airport terminal buildings and onboard aircraft by airport workers, passengers, and crew members is no longer mandatory. Wearing facemasks by passengers onboard aircraft or inside Airport terminal buildings is discretionary but recommended.
  3. Persons aged 60 years and above, immunocompromised (e.g. due to organ transplant, cancer, etc.), those with co-morbidities (e.g. Heart disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, etc.), are advised to use facemasks, wash their hands with water and soap, use hand alcohol-based sanitizers, and avoid large gatherings.
  4. Disinfection of bags at the entrance of terminal buildings is no longer required.
  5. Airlines are therefore required to resume serving catering (meals and drinks) on board aircraft.
  6. Maintaining social distancing at airport terminal buildings is no longer mandatory.
  7. Facilities and conveyances are advised to maintain good environmental hygiene and good ventilation and encourage good hand and respiratory hygiene.
  8. The use of alcohol-based sanitizer by passengers and airport workers is recommended.
  9. Boarding and disembarkation protocols are to be maintained.

(B) International Operations:

  1. All requirements in ‘A’ above shall apply.
  2. 2. COVID-19 Travel Testing: Pre-departure and Post-arrival COVID-19 PCR tests are no longer required for all passengers irrespective of vaccination status. PCR tests required for all passengers who are partially/not fully vaccinated have been suspended.

Health Declaration form: Permission to travel/ QR code is no longer required. A simplified Health questionnaire form (non-COVID-19 specific) shall be completed by all passengers traveling to Nigeria preferably pre-departure on the Nigerian International Travel Portal (NITP). Passengers who fail to fill the health questionnaire on the NITP pre-departure will be required to fill the health questionnaire either onboard the aircraft prior to landing or at the Airport terminal building upon arrival.

  1. All other COVID-19 quarantine/travel requirements are hereby made optional.

This AOL supersedes previous AOLs issued on COVID-19 for domestic and international operations.

Action Required:

All Aviation SeNice Providers are hereby required to comply with the above requirements.

Non-compliance by any Aviation SeNice provider with this AOL shall attract appropriate sanctions.

This AOL shall be effective immediately.



Captain Musa S. Nuhu

Director General of Civil Aviation

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