Ensuring Passenger Safety: Update on Flight AW160 to Tamale, March 12, 2024

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Ensuring Passenger Safety: Update on Flight AW160 to Tamale, March 12, 2024

Ensuring Passenger Safety: Update on Flight AW160 to Tamale, March 12, 2024

Africa World Airlines addresses recent media reports about flight AW160 to Tamale, clarifying events and emphasizing safety and compliance. Read about the measures taken to ensure passenger safety and operational integrity, amidst challenges with fuel supply, and the airline’s commitment to providing the best customer experience.

Recent media reports regarding the Africa World Airlines flight to Tamale, incorrectly published facts that are contrary to the events of that day and aviation safety compliance. Safety, regulatory compliance, and on-time performance prioritize our operational procedures to offer the best possible choice and experience to our customers.

On March 12, 2024, during the preparation for flight AW160 from Accra to Tamale, which departs at 06:30 a.m., our fuel supplier in Tamale contacted the Flight Operations Control office to inform us that the fuel bowser used for refueling aircraft was under maintenance and would not be available for refuelling that day.

To address this, we proactively planned for and uplifted additional fuel in the aircraft fuel tanks to manage the situation and ensure the safe operation of flight AW161 from Tamale to Accra. Flight AW160 to Tamale was fully booked, and the aircraft would have departed close to its maximum take-off weight even without the extra fuel. Upon making the decision to uplift the additional fuel, we promptly offloaded an equivalent weight in passenger baggage from flight AW160 to be sent to Tamale on subsequent flights that day. This measure was imperative to ensure that the aircraft operated safely within the manufacturer’s operating limitations. All bags were promptly delivered to the passengers at their final destination. However, some passengers whose final destination was beyond Tamale did not receive their bags until the next day due to the journey time by road.

Africa World Airlines deeply regrets the inconvenience experienced by passengers affected by this event. While supplier irregularities at short notice are common in the aviation industry, we assure you that we spare no effort in maintaining the highest possible safety standards, in strict compliance with aircraft operating procedures and regulatory directives that prohibit the carriage of fuel in baggage compartments.

We find it regrettable that myjoyonline and Joy midday news did not conduct due diligence on a claim by a passenger that the additional fuel was carried in the baggage compartment before publishing it. Such statements can be defamatory and libelous to the airline and should be verified before publication. We expect higher standards of journalism from such reputable institutions.

Captain Kwasi Oteng

Chief Operating Officer

Africa World Airlines

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