At The Airport

Airport Check-in

We offer 2 ways to check-in for a flight.

  • Ticket counter check-in: Africa World Airlines (AWA) recommends you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours and not later than 40 minutes before a flight departs. You are required to present a valid, physical government issued ID at check-in. You will not be checked-in if you fail to present such at check-in. Please note that you may not substitute such ID cards with photocopies and/or phone snapshots.
  • Online check-in: We will provide passengers the ability to check-in online soon. Passengers will be informed as soon as it is implemented.

Seat Assignment

Seat assignment will be conducted at the airport. On the Embraer 145 aircraft, port side seats (single row seats) will be allocated to Premium passengers. In addition, Premium passengers who travel together will be assigned the first 2 rows of twin seats and so forth. Value and Promo fare class passengers will be allocated twin seats ONLY.